Scariest Minecraft horror maps

23 October, 2022

Scariest Minecraft horror maps

Minecraft offers a variety of maps that you can explore and use to your advantage. These maps include adventure maps, parkour maps and puzzle-solving maps. The adventure category includes custom maps that are popular with players.

Horror maps are the most popular of all these categories. You can play horror maps in Minecraft alone or with your friends. This genre is not for the weak of heart, as it can give players chills.

This article highlights the most terrifying Minecraft servers that players can play in 2022. 

Nightmare on Weeping Street 2

This map places the player right away in a room that requires them to burn themselves to death to begin the game. This haunting horror map plays on the psychology and psychology of players. They play Simon, a mentally ill individual who must search for a doctor to cure him.

Players must find a way out of this terrifying place filled with complex puzzles and tricky parkour.

 The Iron Gate Asylum

This map is filled with jumpscares and near death experiences. Irongate Asylum takes the player to a huge old building that was once a mental hospital.

The map is not slow to move. Players must find an exit while being pursued by former residents.

The Shimmer

The Shimmer adds an interesting gameplay element to horror maps. Players must arrange photos in a specific order before time runs out. The player will be killed if they fail to comply.

Players can move in a horror map filled with disturbing sounds and flashing lights. The dark corridors and gruesome paintings create a sinister atmosphere.

Western Express

The game is set in 1915. It begins with the player being awakened in the middle of the night by an abandoned train. The radio plays in the background and informs players of an epidemic of a deadly virus that has infected humans and made them zombies.

The players must think for themselves and find their sister. The map is important as zombies can be found in every corner.

 Bloody Revenge

Imagine yourself waking up in middle of the night to the sound of a telephone ringing and hearing the voice from an unknown individual pleading for justice. This terrifying horror map is not for the faint of heart.

This map is filled with scares and scary sound effects. It takes place in a basement of a university, where players must find keys to advance in the game.

Players still feel a sense that they are in danger and a feeling of unease after the game ends.