Minecraft Servers

10 November, 2022

Minecraft Servers

Are you looking for the best Minecraft servers? There are many options in Minecraft. The multiplayer servers are no exception. A mini-game Minecraft server or PvP server might be the right choice for you if you enjoy competing with other players in different ways. One of the many survival servers is perfect for you if you like to let your imagination run wild and build things. No matter what Minecraft community you are looking for, you can find it with your closest friends.

We have compiled a list with the top Minecraft servers. You can find many options to choose from and find the one that suits your needs. It's easy to join a server. Open Minecraft and type the name of your server in the title. Next, paste the IP address that you found at the end of each entry into the box below. Once you have saved your new addition you can click play to jump in. You may need to download texture packs for some servers. Our list of the best Minecraft textures packs explains how.

A Minecraft server is a great way to express your creativity. Take a look at our list of top Minecraft servers to exercise your brain.


IP Address: mc.hypixel.net

Hypixel is a server that offers a lot of mini-games. You will find all the usual games that you would expect from a server of high quality, but there are also some notable ones. VampireZ is a game where you must survive as a human and the vampires hunt you. Turbo Kart Racers is another racing game. It will put you up against other players to see who can reach the finish line first. It's great fun and they keep it updated so it's worth it.


IP Address: us.mineplex.com, or pe.mineplex.com

Mineplex is one the top Minecraft servers. It is a huge server with a wide variety of activities. There are FPS games, painting and even their own version Smash Bros. They have a section for survival games if you are looking for a Minecraft server. This server also has an active staff, which means it suffers less grief than other less healthy servers.


IP Address: mc.piratemc.com

PirateCraft makes it easy to navigate a ship in Minecraft. It takes some time to get used the Minecraft survival server, but it is well worth it if you love the idea. It's amazing to see the size of these ships and the ship-to–ship combat. Don't be surprised if someone steals your pirate ship. It's not honorable to be a thief.


IP address: play.manacube.com

ManaCube offers many game modes, including Survival, Towny and PvP. It is an excellent all-purpose server that allows you to play a variety of Minecraft games.


IP address: server.minewind.com

Are you looking for a server that allows you to do almost anything? Minewind allows you to do anything (except cheating) in a free-for-all PvP chaos. It's hard to survive in this world for long periods of time. But, it's free!


IP Address: Herobrine.org

It's hard to imagine anyone not wanting to play on the Minecraft server named after the most famous creepypasta mystery. Herobrine.org offers a variety of games, including survival, skyblock and factions. You can also find an Earth, a geopolitical mode on Herobrine.org. After you are done, check out the Herobrine world seed which was discovered earlier in the year.


IP Address: mc.westeroscraft.com

Game of Thrones is over. You don't have to be hungry any longer. Enjoy this WesterosCraft. It's not yet finished but it will provide a pleasant rush for anyone who wants to be King for a day. It's not yet clear if Direwolves can be petted.

Pixelmon Generations

Pixelmon Generations is a Minecraft Mod, but it has spawned many Pokemon-related servers including PokeSaga and PokeZone. Pixelmon Harmony, a strand within Complex Gaming, is another. Pixelmon Generations includes every Pokemon from Generations 1-7 and many from Generation 8. This means that this server has more Pokemon available across its biomes than Pokemon Sword & Pokemon Shield. It's quite sad, actually.


IP Address: mc.autcraft.com

Autcraft is an autism-specific server. It is designed to provide a safe refuge from the potentially frightening things that can be found on other servers. It is safe for children and does not feature any scary characters. To join the server you must apply, but if your application is approved then you are good to go. Although it doesn't do anything unique in terms of how it works, it's an important resource to have if you or someone you know has autism.

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Minecraft Middle-earth

Build IP Address: build.mcmiddleearth.comPvP and Event IP Address: pvp.mcmiddleearth.com

The Lord of the Rings universe was always something that a team would attempt to recreate in Minecraft. It is truly amazing. Every detail in MC Middle Earth has been carefully designed to feel as real and authentic as possible. A stroll through the Shire can be a great way to spend a few minutes. However, if you don't want to take a sightseeing tour, there is also a PvP server. There is, of course.

The Lord of the Craft

IP Address: mc.lotc.co

This may seem like a Lord of the Rings server. This server is fantasy, yes, but it has a lot of roleplaying. It is easy to travel between different kingdoms (high, dark, and dwarves) because the world and its lore is already in place. You only need a great skin and an extensive backstory from Lord Of The Craft to get started.

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Grand Theft Minecart

IP Address: mcgtm.net

The title of the popular video game on which this server is built can be easily guessed. Hello Kitty Online is the unstoppable juggernaut. Or GTA. Or GTA.

You'll have access to two game modes (Grand Theft Minecart & Vice Minecart) as well as 35 GTA-inspired weapons. You will also find a wide range of vehicles, including planes and tanks. It's not GTA, if you don't have the option to take part in an explosive murder-spree.

Extreme Craft

IP Address: play.extremecraft.net

One of the most popular Minecraft servers couldn't be left out of a list. Extreme Craft is a popular server due to the variety of options available. This is on top of the creative mode and roleplaying. It's like a Minecraft compilation of the greatest hits.

Potter World MC

IP Address: play.potterworldmc.com

As you enter Potter World for the first time, you are greeted by the boy fighting a dementor while Hogwarts lurks in the background. Potter World is a lot like Middle Earth in its authenticity. The inside of buildings look exactly the same as what they appear in your mind's eye. Learn about potion-making, battle other wizards and witches or play friendly quidditch. This is Minecraft at its best: creating worlds that rival those in AAA.