Minecraft Map Trading

26 November, 2022

Minecraft Map Trading

The Minecraft map is a simple tool that can help you navigate your way around. We're talking about the most creative and imaginative sandbox building game anywhere, so it's not surprising that one member of Minecraft has created a new way to use the map by making it into a trading-card game.

It's not uncommon for Minecraft to talk about massive structures like the best Minecraft builds or Redstone oddities such as this chicken mini-game. It's easy to overlook the little things in one of the most popular sandbox games. Reddit can sometimes be a good place, and the Minecraft community is full of infinite creativity.

Redditor DerpyFoop shared images of a friend's game. Their friend has been creating trading cards using the simple Minecraft map item, rather than command blocks or anything flashy. Each one displays a different Minecraft mob with its own stats, skills, sort of like a diluted Pokemon TCG.

Reddit's post shows that there are already some cards available, but what is most exciting to us is the possibility of printing them off. One commentator on the post suggests a way, and a complete collection of Minecraft cards is something that we are surprised has yet to be created. It seems like a simple way for players to show off their favorite characters and creatures.

Here's everything you need about Ancient Cities in Minecraft if you are more interested in old things that new card games. We also have an article that covers all the commands for the Minecraft console. Enjoy it and all the power it offers.