Minecraft jukebox guide

1 December, 2022

Minecraft jukebox guide

Minecraft players have many wonderful crafting options. Players can create more than just the standard tools, armor, and houses. They can also craft items to enhance their experience, like listening to music in their worlds.

A Jukebox is a way to listen to music. This is how Minecraft 1.18 players can create a Jukebox.

Make a Jukebox with Minecraft 1.18

A Jukebox in Minecraft is a box that can play music from any discs within the world. A Jukebox can play music from any disc that is inserted. The Jukebox will play the disk once, then it will eject it. To manually eject the disc, players can also use the Jukebox. This is the recipe players will need to follow.

How Minecraft 1.18 players can create a Jukebox

A crafting table allows players to create a jukebox at any time. However, the recipe may be somewhat expensive in the beginning. First, they will need to place eight planks from any type around the table's outside. This will leave an opening in its center. The opening at the center will be filled with a single diamond. This will create a Jukebox.

How to use a Jukebox

After the Jukebox is constructed, the player will need to find a disc to put it to use. The player can play music right away if they have one in their inventory. To turn the Jukebox off, they can again use it. The music will be played if the parrots are within three blocks of the Jukebox.

Where music discs can be found

Music discs can be found in many places around Minecraft. You can find some discs in the Nether within Bastian remnants. However, there is a very low chance that they will spawn inside chests. Other discs can be found in Woodland Mansions or Dungeons. You can also get music discs by killing a creeper with a Skeleton. This will create a music disk when the creeper has been defeated.