Minecraft dungeons ember robes guide

The Ember Robe, an armor set made by illager invokers capable of burning nearby mobs within Minecraft Dungeons is a popular choice for speed builders who want to quickly clear levels.

The Ember Robe allows heroes to move blindly fast and has the ability to kill nearby enemies.

Even though it is a variation of the evocation gown that is often found in-game. The Ember Robe is an exceptional rarity even when compared to other high quality items.


Minecraft Dungeons - Areas where you can find the Ember Robe

Players are at the mercy the game's random number generator (RNG) when they attempt to acquire items of high rarity in Minecraft Dungeons. This mechanism determines loot drop, base stats and randomized enchantments for gear elements.

You can also activate the difficulty setting when you find an item. Higher difficulties will result in more powerful items.


If you are looking for an Ember Robe to drop as loot, Minecraft Dungeons players can find it on the following levels.

Hero who have difficulty with the loot system can return to their camp to check with the Luxury, Mystery and Piglin merchants.

These merchants may offer a wide range of unique gear. The Ember Robe is also available. The merchants will rotate their inventory every now and again to replenish the stock.


You can check in between Minecraft Dungeons activities to see if you might be able to buy the Ember Robe.

Finally, Minecraft Dungeons heroes with access to Ancient Hunts may also encounter The Seeking Flame, an ancient variant the standard vex mob.

The enemy will drop a gilded version of an axe, soul knife or evocation robe upon defeat, as well as unique variants such the Ember Robe. Although it is not guaranteed that the Ember Robe will drop, defeating the Seeking Flame can provide another way for players to obtain the powerful armor piece.