Changes in Minecraft's 1.18.10

5 January, 2023

Changes in Minecraft's 1.18.10

Minecraft 1.18.1 is a bug-fixing release. However, there are a few implementations players might want to be aware.

Minecraft 1.18 was a huge update. It completed the Caves & Cliffs update and added a lot of content. The game was still plagued by bugs and one of the most serious security issues due to its large content implementation.

This patch also included fixes for players with low bandwidth, and the elimination of an error that led to the program's crash. While most of these fixes are overlooked, players can see some of the most important changes.

Minecraft version 1.18.1: The most notable changes

5) Realms Screen Optimization

Some players filed bug reports after Minecraft 1.18 was implemented. They were concerned about how long it took for the menu to load for Minecraft Realms. While some players reported loading times of less than a second, others noted that loading the menu could take up to 10 seconds.

This was not ideal as slow-loading menus can cause play to be impeded or halted in certain areas. This issue seems to be resolved with the 1.18.1 fixes. Players are reporting almost instantaneous loading of Realms menu.

4) Low-Bandwidth players Timing Out on Servers

Every player has likely experienced timeout errors at some point, most often while he or she is not actively playing on a server or realm. This is used to prevent congestion caused by multiple concurrent connections.

Some players reported recently that they could not connect to Minecraft servers because of a timeout error. It appears that this was caused by players who have poor internet connections trying to log in to a server. Mojang stated that the problem was resolved in update 1.18.1's prerelease.

3) Render Distance Tweak

Render distance is a setting in Minecraft which determines how many chunks generated are visible. This setting can have a significant impact on performance and framerates.

The fog effect is created regardless of the setting. Version 1.18.1 has made some changes to the fog and render distance functions. This should be a pleasant surprise for many players.

Recently, complaints mentioned an issue in which render distance was visible at approximately two chunks less than the setting of the player. This problem has been present since at least version 1.5.1, but it has now been fixed according to most player accounts.

2) Fixed RCE Security Exploit Issue

Mojang disclosed a security flaw that could be exploited by Minecraft's Java client via manipulation of Log4j, a Java logging library.

This security flaw could have led to players' personal information being compromised.

Mojang quickly addressed this issue and the third pre-release of 1.18.1 has it fixed.

Players who have not received the update should avoid public servers. This is because they can easily exploit this security flaw via in-game messaging.

1) World Fog is Now More Away

Mojang partially reworked the fog mechanics in update 1.8.1. This subtle change may not be obvious to all players. Mojang has partially reworked fog mechanics in update 1.18.1. Players will now be able see larger chunks from a greater distance, without having to adjust fog or render/view distance.

Fog's shape has been altered. It is now more cylindrical and less spherical. This will change how fog appears to players visually, while still allowing more of the world to be seen.