Best Minecraft servers

19 January, 2023

Best Minecraft servers

The best Minecraft servers can offer something new if the existing Minecraft game modes get stale. These servers allow you to play Minecraft in new and exciting ways. They let you explore your favorite TV and movie shows as if they were your own!

Let's start with our top recommendations for Minecraft servers. Next, we will discuss how to join multiplayer server. If you need more options, we will show you other types of Minecraft servers.

Minecraft allows people to create incredible things, such as detailed buildings and entirely new games. The best Minecraft servers provide the most exciting and unique experiences. Minecraft servers allow players to share their work.

#1. Mineplex

IP: or eu.mineplex.comServer: Minecraft survival server

The largest Minecraft server is the best. It's called Mineplex and includes many zones, arenas and game types. Minekart is one of these great minigames.

This will look a lot like Mario Kart's blocky version. You can race on different tracks and collect power-ups just like the Nintendo Racer!

Mineplex is a MMO-like experience thanks to its meticulous attention to detail. It's no wonder that it is so popular! It hosts thousands of players at any given time.

#2. Brawl

IP: brawl.comServer Minecraft battle royale server

Are you missing the action-packed thrill of Call of Duty's Call of Duty? What about Fortnite and PUBG, which are free for all? One of the best Minecraft servers is here to help!

Brawl is a server that offers multiple battle royale game types. Brawl is likely to have a specific BR title. Brawl's version is CoD, for example, Capture the Flag.

MinecraftBuild is a great option if you like building with friends. For a zombie survival game, you may choose MC-WarZ. You can also choose The Mining Dead, which is a server inspired from the Walking Dead series.

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#3. #3.

Minecraft Middle Earth

IP - build.mcmiddleearth.comServer - Minecraft RPG server

For Westeroscraft

IP - mc.westeroscraft.comServer - Minecraft RPG server

Are you a fan of Lord of the Rings? Do you wish you could be there? Minecraft Middle Earth could be your best Minecraft server.

However, it's far from complete. It's a good thing. Join the MME team to build Tolkien's universe brick by brick. For more information, please visit their FAQ page.

Maybe you don't like this fantasy setting. Perhaps you prefer George R.R.'s darker tones. Martin's work. Go to Westeroscraft for more information!

You can visit some of the most iconic locations from Game of Thrones. You can visit The Red Keep at King's Landing which is particularly impressive.

This one, like the LotR server isn't done yet. You can also join the team to build the map. For more information, visit the Westeroscraft website.

Because they are both fantasy stories, we have combined them. These environments are difficult to create. They are challenging, yet rewarding.

How can I join a Minecraft server

Minecraft servers that work 24/7 are the best. You can also host your own servers. It will stop running as long your device keeps it going. It will shut down if you turn it off.

You need the most recent version of Minecraft to be able to enter Minecraft Multiplayer maps. Before you play Minecraft, make sure that you have the latest version.

You may also need additional Minecraft mods or texture packs. You won't be able to play on certain servers if you don't have the right mods or texture packs. You will need the Pixelmon mod if you want to play on a server that has it.

Final thoughts

There may be other options available for best Minecraft servers. We didn't include Among Us Performium and Grand Theft Minecart.

Before you enter any Minecraft server, make sure to check the internet. Some servers may not be appropriate for children. Some may be scam servers.

You can also host a simple survival or creative session with friends. You might even create your own worlds or unique games!